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The 2019 trade show season is in full swing and Berkshire is on the Go!
Below find the latest show featured content and discover the Berkshire difference.

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Featured Show Content



Burstable Pouch Wipes


An Advanced Cleaning System with a dual action line of wipes and chemistries featuring our patent pending burstable dry-to-wet pouch.


Low Endotoxin

Low Endotoxin Wipes


Our new line of Low Endotoxin wipes are lot-to-lot tested to ensure they meet or exceed the requirements set by USP & FDA standards based on the maximum allowable thresholds for endotoxins across key regulated industries.


EasyClean® 360 Elastic Isolator Cleaning Tool Covers

EasyClean® 360 Isolator Cleaning Tool


The EasyClean® 360 System includes a lightweight, maneuverable cleaning tool and easy-to-use, laundered polyester knit covers.


EasyClean® 360 Elastic Isolator Cleaning Tool Covers

MicroPolx® Nonwoven Microfiber Technology


Introducing MicroPolx® nonwoven cleanroom wipes, a first-generation technology featuring a leading edge innovative manufacturing process of 100% polyester microfiber wet-laid nonwoven performance material.


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