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printhead cleaning wipes & swabs

Printhead Cleaning Wipes & Swabs engineered clean to meet the unique demands of the Print Industry

Printhead Wipe Recommendations: Choice® 900 - Super Polx® 1200 - MicroPolx® 4000-HP - SatPax® ValuSeal® 1500

When it comes to large format printers, maintenance and proper cleaning is crucial to ensuring performance, longevity, and eliminating costly unplanned downtime. Meet your production deadlines with our comprehensive line of printer head wipes engineered to remove dust, dirt, and stubborn ink residues from printer heads and other sensitive printer components. We have extensive knowledge & experience in the print industry and understand the unique challenges to get it done on time and within budget. Our printer cleaning products are used in a wide array of print production environments from small print companies, franchises, to some of the largest commercial & industrial printing press environments in the world.

Have a 3D Printer? We have supplies for that too. Learn More

3d Printer Wipe Recommendations: Durx® 670 - Pro-Wipe® 880

Print head cleaning wipes

Many new large format printers will often come with a small introductory pack of cleaning wipes & swabs. When these sample packs are used up, many companies will often go with buying small and often overpriced replacement packs offered by the manufacturer. Help reduce costs & improve quality by buying larger packs and cases of our critically low-liniting knitted polyester printer head wipes & swabs. Our wipes & swabs are compatible with a wide variety of large and wide format printers including plotters, aqueous printers, solvent printers, dye sublimation printers, UV printers, 3D printers, and standard laser & Inkjet printers. Don’t settle for just any company selling printhead wipes, choose the best, because the smallest measure can make the biggest difference when it comes to protecting your equipment & bottom-line.

Need help finding the right printhead cleaning wipe or cleaning swab for your printer? Contact us today! We offer free samples and expert advice every step of the journey.

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