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Lens Wipes

Lens Tissue & Cleaning Wipes for Labs, Cleanrooms, and Controlled Environments

A high quality lens is a long-term investment, which if well protected and cleaned correctly can provide lasting value for many years. Often one does not realize how easily a lens can be damaged by dirt, dust, and other harmful particles. Using old or improper types of wipes to clean a lens is one the leading causes of lens scratches and particle generation. Why risk using sub-standard or low quality products? Our lens cleaning wipes are used in many of the most critical lab and cleanroom environments around the world where the smallest measure can make the biggest difference. Protect your investment and maintain total cost of ownership without sacrificing quality. We offer free samples and expert advice every step of the journey.


Our lens tissues and cleaning wipes are engineered clean for diverse array of applications including microscopes, optical bench sets, mirror mounts, laser prism sets, cameras, compound microscopes, binoculars, optical lab lasers, fiber optics, lab equipment, optical components, and other scratch sensitive surfaces. In addition, our wipes are compatible with concave & convex lenses including wide angle, zoom, standard prime, fisheye, macro, telephoto, achromatic, immersion, ocular, huygens, ramsden, periplan, wide-field, condenser, apochromatic, and infrared (IR) lenses for thermal imaging.

Product Spotlight

Lensx® 90

Berkshire Lensx® 90 is an eco-friendly lens wipe engineered for the most sensitive lens and optical applications. It is composed of 70% rayon and 30% manila hemp for extreme softness and non-abrasive properties. Critically low particle generation properties make Lensx® 90 an ideal choice for controlled environments.

Every Optics cleaning application is different and often may require a slightly different cleaning procedure and process. One of our contamination control specialists can work with you today. Contact us today to learn more.

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