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Infection Control Products
Critical Care & Infection Control Products for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Terminal Cleaning

terminal cleaning operating room

Infection Control Products for the Terminal Cleaning of Operating Rooms, Sterile Processing, Procedure Rooms, and other Critical Healthcare Environments

Terminal Disinfection & Cleaning is a critical part of minimizing infection rates in hospitals and healthcare facilities. We understand the unique challenges for EVS techs, environmental services staff, and hospital cleaning companies to get it done using the correct infection control guidelines, procedures, and the right products for the job. Our full-line of Infection prevention products have been used in many of the world’s most critical healthcare environments where the smallest measure can make the biggest difference in preventing the transmission of C Diff (clostridium difficile), MRSA, Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph Infection), Klebsiella Pneumonia, VRSA, and other dangerous pathogens.

We offer an extensive selection of surgical & medical wipes engineered with microbial exclusion in mind. Our knitted, microfiber, and non-woven medical wipes are available in a number of different sizes and substrates to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements of your application. In addition, we offer sterile wipes for aseptic areas and pre-saturated alcohol disinfectant wipes that are durable, absorbent, and with critically low endotoxins levels to tackle the toughest cleaning tasks.

Cleaning an OR


  • • Operating Rooms (OR)
  • • Operating & Surgical Suites
  • • Operating theaters
  • • Procedure Rooms
  • • Sterile Processing & Aseptic Areas
  • • Infusion Centers
  • • Dialysis Centers
  • • Diagnostic & Cath Labs
  • • Critical Hospital Areas
  • • Surgery Centers including Outpatient & Clinics

Every healthcare facility is different and often may require a slightly different cleaning procedure and process. One of our contamination control specialists can work with you today. Contact us today to learn more.

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