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Coronavirus Cleaning Products

As a thought leader in the cleanroom and contamination control sector, Berkshire is committed to keeping our customers informed about news and developments regarding the coronavirus, along with providing tips and products that can help combat coronavirus based on what is currently known.

There is still a lot to learn about the coronavirus which causes COVID-19. Based on what is currently known about COVID-19 and similar coronaviruses is that they spread from person-to-person from close contact and via respiratory droplets. While the transmission of this new virus is still not fully understood, there is an increasing body of evidence that suggests that COVID-19 may remain on variety of contaminated surfaces for hours to days in a viable state. Cleaning dirty and potentially compromised surfaces followed by the proper disinfection regimen is a crucial measure for the prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in household, community and health care environments.

Made In the USA Clean Room Supplies Made in the USA

Berkshire is proud to offer a full line of domestically manufactured products. We understand the importance of having a strong and stable supply chain in the face of challenging times. In an effort to make the research and purchasing process easier, we have added a “Made In the USA” logo for all of our products that are manufactured in the United States.

Cleaning Vs Disinfection for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

First, it’s important to better understand the difference between cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

  • 1. Cleaning – refers to the removal of dirt, germs, and other gross solids from surfaces. It’s important to note that cleaning is not focused on killing microbes but removing them. This can reduce their numbers and can reduce the risk of spreading by isolating and removing them from the environment.
  • 2. Disinfecting – refers to using chemical agents to kill germs and microbes on surfaces. It’s important to note that this process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove the germs. However, by killing microbes & germs on a surface after cleaning can lower the risk of the infectious agent from spreading.

General Recommendations for Cleaning and Disinfection for Coronavirus

High traffic areas and frequency touched surfaces tend to the areas that need the most frequent cleaning and disinfection. It is always important to read labels of cleaning products and disinfectants which contain instructions for safe and effective use along with the types of surfaces they are recommended for. Please note: there are some key differences between cleaning and disinfection for suspected/confirmed cases in which people are in isolation verses more general preventative types of cleaning. To learn more, we recommended visiting the CDC website, which is a good source of information on the topic.

How to Clean & Disinfectant Surfaces for Coronavirus

While there are still some unknowns with COVID-19 and its transmission, there are some common sense measures when it comes to cleaning and disinfection that experts recommend.

    Cleaning Surfaces

  • 1. Glove Up – Wear disposable gloves which should be discarded after each cleaning and clean hands immediately after the gloves are removed.
  • 2. Clean – If surfaces are dirty or soiled, they should be cleaned using a detergent or soap with water prior to the disinfection. Make sure you wipe down the surface well using a disposable wipe with good absorbency and particle trapping abilities.
    Pro Tip: Check out our proper wiping and folding guide here.
  • 3. Disinfect – For disinfection, bleach or alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol are recommended by the CDC. There are some disinfectants that are expected to be effective against COVID-19 which the CDC references here. When applying any type of disinfectant, it’s important to read the manufacturers warning label and instructions which will reference things like concentration, application method, and contact time, ect.
  • 4. Clean-up – After the disinfection cycle, it’s important to remove the residue and any debris left on the surface using a wetted wipe with good particle entrapment capabilities, which will aid in removing any dead microbes or caustic residues that can damage surfaces if not removed.
  • 5. Discard – As always, proper handling and disposal of any soiled items such as wipes & gloves is key.

For more information in regards to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces for coronavirus, we recommend visiting the CDC’s website link below.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning Products

While we cannot make any claims based on the current body of evidence regarding COVID-19. We offer products that have some very useful properties when it comes to combating coronavirus. This includes both our dry and pre-saturated wipes which have advanced particle entrapment capabilities along with excellent chemical compatibility with many common cleaning agents and disinfectants. Not all wipes are created equal, and our wipes are used in the most critical cleanroom and lab environments on earth where the smallest measure can make the biggest difference. In addition, we also offer mopping systems and other consumables products engineered clean for critical cleaning tasks.

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