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Mission & Values

BERKSHIRE CORPORATION has established a set core values by which it operates. These values define what Berkshire stands for, throughout time, regardless of changes to our internal structure and leadership or changes to external factors or market conditions.

Berkshire's Mission

Berkshire strives to be the global leader in developing and manufacturing products for critical surfaces and controlled environments. Our products deliver superior performance, consistent quality, enhanced productivity, and the lowest total cost in use. We measure our success in terms of customer satisfaction, expressed by sales growth and profitability.

Core Values

Berkshire’s core values are the fundamental principles that guide our individual and collective decisions, strategies, and actions. We define our values as:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Courtesy
  • Trust
  • Continuous  Improvement
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Individual Respect & Responsibility
  • Loyalty to Valued Relationships