We are interested in a wiper that is good for absorbing large amounts of formalin (approximately 40% formaldehyde and 60% water). Any suggestions?



Any of our wipers would be compatible with that solution. If you want a nonwoven look for the ones with the higher Sorbency Efficiencies – the most absorbent for their basis weight.


EcoClean® 60 (6.5 mL/g)   

Pro-Wipe® 750 (6.5 mL/g)  

ValuClean® Plus (6.7 mL/g)


For a knitted sealed edge wiper you’ve got:


ValuClean-HA® (4.2 mL/g)   

MicroSeal SuperSorb® (3.9 mL/g)  

MicroSeal SuperSorb® Lite (3.8 mL/g)


SuperPolx® 1500, knitted non-sealed edge, is okay (4.2 mL/g).


Did You Know?

Formalin is used as a preservative, disinfectant and antiseptic. When diluted it can be used to kill parasites in aquarium live fish, treat and prevent foot rot in goats, sheep and cattle.  



Did You Know?

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