Clean Room Cleaning

Cleanroom Cleaning 101

Having well-designed cleanroom with the proper HVAC system, filters, and specialized surfaces is only part of the story when it comes to minimizing the risk of contamination in cleanroom environments. One aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to contamination is people which are often the #1 source of contamination in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Having the correct SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and cleaning protocols in place is of paramount importance when it comes to preventing contamination. The hidden cost of cleanroom contamination is substantial and it can wreak havoc on a product, process, and drive up the overall operating costs of the cleanroom.

Cleanroom Cleaning Procedures & Protocols

The process for cleaning a cleanroom and other controlled environments can differ quite a bit across different companies, end-products, industries, processes, ISO classifications, and even geographical locations; however, no matter what the environment encapsulates, there are certain universal maxims that one should follow when it comes to minimizing the risk of contamination in cleanroom environments.

Cleanroom cleaning protocols

These include:

  • Environmental Monitoring Program that monitors Personal/People, Air, and Surfaces
  • Using the correct disinfectants and cleaning chemicals based on the EM results
  • Ensuring cleaning supplies are preforming correctly through validation testing and aren’t causing disinfectant binding or other problems that can reduce cleaning efficacy
  • Choosing the right cleanroom consumables & cleaning products from a reputable supplier
  • Written SOP’s and Cleaning protocols based on IEST (Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology) Standards
  • Proper training of staff and operators based on SOP’s and cleaning protocols
  • Routine Self-audits to ensure SOP’s and cleaning protocols are followed

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