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Choice® MicroFiber Mop
Microfiber technology enables dirt and liquids to be “picked up” rather than just "pushed around," making it ideal for floor cleaning in critical environments. Microfibers are tiny fibers that have been split to produce ultra-fine fibers estimated to be at least one-sixteenth the size of a human hair. When woven together. these fibers create a surface area covered with millions of spaces between the fibers to trap moisture, dirt and debris.

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Additional Information

ISO Class Class 5-8
Construction Microfiber
Material Poly Blends
Downloads Product Information Sheet (PDF)
Additional Info
*White 88% polyester/12% nylon microfiber string mop with blue headband and tailband.
*Microfiber yarns attract and trap dirt and debris
*Terry knit structure enhances absorbency to increase efficiency.
*Tubular knit construction with sewn head and tail bands provides added durability.
*Lot number assures traceability.
*Each mop head is individually wrapped
*Chemical resistant and non-abrasive.
*Works with most standard loop mop frames and bucket/wringer systems.
*Mop can be laundered and re-used.

Laundry Instructions:
  • Machine wash in warm soapy water.
  • Do not exceed 150° F/65° C.
  • Tumble dry low. Do not exceed 140° F/60° C.
  • Do not use fabric softeners.
  • Up to 10% bleach solution can be used without harming the fabric. Bleach may cause blue color to fade.
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Choice® MicroFiber Mop

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Item Number Size (Metric) No. / Pack Pack / Case Price qty
Item Number CHMFM.24 Size (Metric) Choice® Micro Fiber Mop Head No. / Pack 1 Pack / Case 24 Price
Item Number CHMFM24P Size (Metric) Choice® Micro Fiber Mop Head No. / Pack 1 Pack / Case 1 Price

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