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Double Sided Flat Mop Covers
The Cleanroom Double Sided Flat Mop system is a reliable and efficient solution for all surfaces. Operators can complete the wet and dry wiping process in just one operation. Efficient cleaning of floor surfaces is critical to the overall cleanliness of the production environment. The Double Sided 16” Mop System replicate the most effective way to clean and disinfect surfaces - WIPING.

A range of specially designed mop covers are available for use with the Cleanroom Double Sided Flat Mop. The mop covers, available in both disposable nonwoven and re-launderable foam/polyester knit composite, allow the mop head to conform to the surface being cleaned, and ensures thorough particle and contaminant removal even on uneven surfaces.


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ISO Class Class 3-8
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Nonwoven Cover: 68 gsm polyester/cellulose outer cover. 100% rayon nonwoven inner layers provide superior absorbency • Designed for the capture and removal of contaminants during the cleaning process • High tear strength • Each cover is individually wrapped to preserve cleanliness • Autoclavable and compatible with gamma and ETO sterilization.

Foam Cover: Abrasion resistant polyester knit clean room fabric laminated to absorbent polyurethane foam • Laser cut to minimize fiber and particle release • 10 mm thickness provides cushioned surface for optimum conformance to uneven floors, walls and ceilings • High absorbency capacity • Compatible with a wide range of chemicals, disinfectants and cleaners • Autoclavable and compatible with gamma and ETO sterilization.
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Double Sided Flat Mop Covers

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Item Number Size (Metric) No. / Pack Pack / Case Price qty
Item Number FMC5NW24 Size (Metric) BCR® Nonwoven Mop Cover - 10"x18" (25x43CM No. / Pack 4 Pack / Case 24 Price
Item Number FMC7LF20 Size (Metric) BCR® Foam Mop Cover - 10"x18" (25x43CM) No. / Pack 4 Pack / Case 24 Price

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