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BCR® Ultra Half-Finger Polyester Glove Liners
BCR® Ultra Glove liners provide the next level of cleanroom hand health and operator comfort during regular and extended wear. The enhanced wicking function, skin contact discomfort associated with wearing latex, vinyl, nitrile, neoprene and other gloves is greatly reduced. The BCR® Half-Finger Ultra Glove liners are engineered with Fortify® AM technology and Fortify® Sta-Cool® technology. The Fortify® AM technology protects the fabric from microbial growth. This microbe/fungi protection of the glove liners does not diminish with laundering and reuse. The Fortify® Sta-Cool® technology is engineered for superior cooling and extreme moisture control.

Additional Information

ISO Class No
Construction Knitted
Material Polyester
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Additional Info
• 100% continuous filament knitted polyester
• Medium weight glove liners
• Ambidextrous and color coded for easy stock control
• Half-finger versions for maximum dexterity and fingertip sensitivity
• Full-finger versions for more protection and temperature specific applications
• Steam autoclavable per your Standard Operating Procedure
• Ideal for cleanroom and lab technicians, food processing workers and assembly line personnel
• Compatible and appropriate for wearing with latex, vinyl, nitrile, neoprene and leather gloves

• Antimicrobial treated yarns inhibit microbial growth on glove liners*
• Advanced technology for extreme moisture management**
• Constructed using a special seamless technique, no-run and non-ravel, reducing potential contamination
• Manufactured for cleanroom applications

• Proprietary cooling properties provide exceptional operator comfort
• Preserves outer gloves from degradation due to oils and sweat
• Reduction of hand perspiration and skin irritation from water-logging
• Provides microbial control and inhibits odor development
• Stain release properties with superior moisture management technology
• Designed for all-day comfort associated with extended glove use
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BCR® Ultra Half-Finger Polyester Glove Liners

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Item Number Size (Metric) No. / Pack Pack / Case Price qty
Item Number BGL2U20RP Size (Metric) Regular No. / Pack 10 Pack / Case 1 Price

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Item Number BGL2U20L Size (Metric) Large No. / Pack 10 Pack / Case 20 Price
Item Number BGL2U20R Size (Metric) Regular No. / Pack 10 Pack / Case 20 Price

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