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BCR® 3-Layer with Polyurethane Headbands (210mm)
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BCR® 3-Layer Face Mask with Polyurethane Headbands (210mm) features a medium filter made of polypropylene for exceptional filtration. Its blue-colored outerfacing identifies the outside of the mask. Low-shedding, polyurethane headbands reduce particulation. The fully enclosed nosepiece is adjustable, with vinyl-covered steel to reduce “blow by.” The headband option provides more secure facial seal. The extra-wide body (210mm) reduces the amount of exposed skin.

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ISO Class Class 4-8
Material Polypropylene
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People are a significant source of contamination in any critical manufacturing process. Berkshire masks are designed to protect your cleanroom or controlled environment from human contamination. Berkshire masks offer superior filtration efficiency while also providing long-wearing comfort for operators. Our range of masks ensures that you can find the right combination of performance and comfort. Berkshire also has the capability to design and produce custom configurations for any specialized environment.
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BCR® 3-Layer with Polyurethane Headbands (210mm)

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Item Number BM.1BEWO.12 Size (Metric) 210mm No. / Pack 50 Pack / Case 12 (Bulk) Price

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Item Number BM1BEWO12P Size (Metric) 210mm No. / Pack 50 Pack / Case 1 Price

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