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CleanPath™ Adhesive Mats
CleanPath™ Adhesive mats are the number one choice in adhesive mats. Place CleanPath™ Adhesive mats in cleanroom entry areas and change room entry areas to significantly decrease the transfer of foot-borne and wheel-borne contaminants including viable and non-viable particles. Whether trying to prevent contamination in critical environments or general production areas, CleanPath provides the protection you need.

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ISO Class Class 3-8
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Additional Info
Key Attributes
• Mat composition: LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
• Non transferring adhesive
• Thickness per sheet: 40 Micron
• Top protective layer
• Bottom backing sheet
• Color of adhesive mats: Blue
• Layers are numbered for easy tracking of remaining sheets
• Perfect for cleanrooms. Laboratories and other dust/dirt free environment

• Adhesive contains no solvents such as toluene

• No out-gassing or irritation when peeling of each layer of the mat – odorless

• Excellent adhesive strength and cleanliness
• Blue color allows differentiation for guarding against migration into critical areas
• Blue color aids in the visual observation of tracked contamination
• Economical
• Adhesive coated surface film peels off easily for disposal

• Designed for use in ISO Class 3 and higher cleanroom environments
• General production areas
• Cleanroom entry's and air locks

• Lay flat and DO NOT bend or place on uneven floor. Keep away from heat, flames, chemicals, and solvents.
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CleanPath™ Adhesive Mats

Order Info

Item Number Size (Metric) No. / Pack Pack / Case Price qty
Item Number CPM36454 Size (Metric) 36x45” (91x114cm) No. / Pack 30 Pack / Case 4 Price
Item Number CPM36604 Size (Metric) 36x60” (91x152cm) No. / Pack 30 Pack / Case 4 Price
Item Number CPM18364 Size (Metric) 18x36” (46x91cm) No. / Pack 30 Pack / Case 4 Price
Item Number CPM26454 Size (Metric) 26x45” (66x114cm) No. / Pack 30 Pack / Case 4 Price

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